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Open elected positions
March 1, 2011

Lincoln's Town Meeting will be on Monday, February 2, 2011; Australian Ballot voting will occur on Tuesday, March 1. There are many needs and opportunities for you to get involved in local government, and to do your part to serve the people of our community. See below for a listing of elected offices that will be up for vote on March 1st.

Below you will find copies of petitions for you to print out yourself; packets of paper copies can be found outside the door to the town office. You can pick them up yourself at any time, no need to ask Sally to get one. Each of the attached documents has a different due date, so make sure to pay close attention to the deadlines:

Document Required
Signatures Required
Due Date
put your name on the ballot Petition for Town Office
   January 24, 2011 / 5pm
consent to having your name on the ballot Consent of Candidate
not applicable
   January 26, 2011

**Important note about deadlines: These petition deadlines are very tight for us. They are set by state statute, and actually fall AFTER our deadline for preparing the town report proof for our printer. If you know that you will be turning in a petition at the very last minute, it will be helpful if you notify either the Town Clerk at 453-2980, or Auditor, Judith Harris, at 453-6384. You are not required to notify us, but we would greatly appreciate it.

If you think you might be interested in running for office, I would be happy to try to help answer any questions you have either about the office you are running for, or about the process of getting elected. If you don't feel comfortable talking to me about it, the VT Secretary of State's office is a good resource for you, or you can ask members of our Board of Civil Authority as well. The Board of Civil Authority consists of local people in our community who are in charge of elections in Lincoln. I am including their contact information below.

Barbara Rainville 453-5797 Elliot Fenander 453-7822
Elwin Isham 453-2579 Ann Pollender 453-3974
Brian Goodro 453-6143 Nancy Stevens 453-4294
lana Brett 453-5371 Wendy Truax 453-3885
Harriett Brown 453-3166 David Wetmore 453-5592

Lincoln Town Officer Positions Open for Election in March 2011

Term Length
Current Holder
Selectboard Member
3 years

Elwin Isham

Town Clerk
1 year  

Sally Ober

1 year  

Larry Masterson

First Constable
1 year  

Will Clark

Second Constable
1 year  

Mark Truax

Delinquent Tax Collector
1 year  

Nancy Stevens

Town Meeting Moderator
1 year  

David Marsters

Agent to Prosecute & Defend
1 year  

George Vince

Grand Juror
1 year  

George Vince

Agent to Deed Real Estate
1 year  

George Vince

3 years

Shawn Richards

3 years

Lisa Truchon

School Director
2 years

David Venman

School Director
3 years

Marian Bouchard

Union School Director
3 years

Heather Richards

School Meeting Moderator
1 year  

David Marsters

Lincoln Library Trustee
3 years

Floyd Hall


Questions? Contact Sally Ober or Ann Kensek at the Clerk's Office      453-2980 or